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New Hijab Friendly Masks

Zaynab Ansari

Earlier this year we released the Cotton Face Masks to keep you and others safe as we finally began to roll back into normality. Now we’re back again but this time with a new addition to the collection - Aab’s hijab friendly Cord Toggle Cotton Masks.



Our latest face masks are designed specifically with hijab wearing ladies in mind - with a beautifully minimal design in several colours that doesn’t compromise style and also made from pure cotton to maximise comfort and reduce irritability. But don’t be discouraged from bagging this item if you don’t wear a hijab. A toggle mask can work in favour of those who may wear a face mask for long periods at a time, since it can alleviate those unwanted ear aches typically caused by conventional face masks. 


How to wear our Toggle Mask:

  1. Fix your hijab as you usually do.
  2. Carefully pull over the cord above your head and align the mask on your face so that the top of the mask covers the bridge of your nose and the bottom covers your chin. 
  3. Position the top cord at the back of your head on your hijab so that it is sitting comfortably over your bun. 
  4. Do the same for the bottom cord, only this time position it comfortably under your bun.
  5. Press down on the toggle and adjust to your desired fit.


Disclaimer - Aab face masks are not designed for clinical use nor to be used in a clinical area or setting where infection can easily spread.